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Noshing in New York: Kosher Delivery on the Streets of Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the land of Kosher delis, stacked with nostalgic foods that have the ability to transport even the fastest-paced New Yorker back to their childhood spent in bubbie’s kitchen.

Many of the kosher establishments in the borough have been here for generations, serving an array of Ashkenazi classics like kishke, shawarma, kugel, cholent, and blintzes dishes that are virtually unchanged from their 19th-century origins in Eastern Europe.

Though not exactly photo-opportunistic, traditional kosher cuisine may never be a hit on Pinterest or have a large Instagram following. It’s just good food that tastes like home, so this is one case where pictures may not speak louder than words.

After all, when it comes to feel-good food, most of us have one thing in common; we love to taste our childhood in the food that we eat. In the fast-paced world that is New York City, the food that we grew up with reminds us to stop, slow down, and rest after a long hard work week.

From Midwood to Sunset Park and in between, today’s NY kosher establishments have gone from a pushcart to posh. With over 240 eateries offering kosher delivery in Brooklyn, including Gertie’s, Mechy’s, Stop Wok and Roll, Sophie’s Bistro, Zerda, and Fukurou Brooklyn, there are just so many that it’s almost impossible to name them all.

But, below are a few that caught our attention.

Jewish Delis

352 Roebling Street, South Williamsburg

A veteran New York-style kosher deli offering hefty sandwiches and traditional Jewish comfort fare, Gottlieb's has been a Brooklyn tradition for 40 years. A full Shabbos menu, featuring everything from kugel to kishke, the menu is filled with an array of massive deli sandwiches and kosher classics including chopped liver, brisket, and pastrami.

1223 Quentin Road, Flatbush

Cheery service, delicious dairy-based kosher selections, and a family-friendly atmosphere to NYC’s Flatbush neighborhood for over 2 decades, with a menu and clientele both containing a mix of beloved classic favorites and fresh modern additions.

631 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint

Contemporary Jewish deli specializing in bagels with smoked fish, plus classic sandwiches & brisket.

Essen NY Deli

1359 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

Old-fashioned kosher deli with traditional fare, pasta & a selection of Chinese comfort food.


792 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn

A popular haunt for global kosher fare including sushi, lo mein, fried chicken & matzo ball soup.


Hummus Bar

1202 Avenue J, Brooklyn

A taste of Israel on the streets of Brooklyn, Hummus Bar opened in the spring of 2021. Offering traditional middle eastern cuisine including hummus, falafel, and tahini, the star of the show is shawarma, one of the restaurant’s most popular menu items.

1299 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

"The best schnitzel this side of Jerusalem" and home of the foot-long spicy chicken sandwich, Schnitzi is Coney Island’s newest sandwich shop serving burgers, schnitzels, salads, and sandwiches all served on a baguette with a variety of sauce flavors.

4102 18th Avenue, Brooklyn

819 Avenue U, Sheepshead Bay

With locations in NJ, South Florida, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Long Island, under the strict supervision of the Tarnopol Kashrus, Holy Schnitzel is not just for people who are “Keepin’ it Kosher.”

Healthy, hearty, made fresh daily, and 100% percent kosher, the menu is packed with a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, paninis, falafel, burgers, wraps, and more. With specialties like Kosher Bacon, Spicy Israeli Pickles, and Cornflake Chicken, customers can mix things by trying some new local fare every day of the week.

Panini La Cafe

45 Lee Ave, Brooklyn

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Panini La Cafe is a new eatery offering a variety of dairy fare. The vast menu offers patrons customized salads, fresh wraps, paninis, pizza, calzones, fish dishes, and even an entire sushi menu. The restaurant also has a dedicated gluten-free menu.

67 6th Ave, Brooklyn

Israeli style Turkish-Mediterranean Grill serving shawarma, kebabs, shish, pitas, bowls, and an array of delicious mezze including hummus, babaganoush, eggplant, and tabouli.

Corner Street Food

Coney Island Ave and Avenue J, Midwood

The aptly named Corner Street Food is the newest kosher spot in Brooklyn, offering Mediterranean fare, sandwich combos, shawarma, schnitzel, and souvlaki.


Pescada New York

1776 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn

Sleek, delicious white-tablecloth kosher restaurant offering a seafood-centric menu in the heart of Brooklyn.


270 Kingston Ave., Brooklyn

Energetic chic Italian bistro providing contemporary Italian cuisine and woodstone oven pizzas in an open kitchen setting.


1391 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

Fine dining in the heart of Brooklyn, offers traditional Italian Roman-style cooking, a modern vibe, and a cozy and romantic ambiance.

American Burgers & Barbeque

1316 Avenue J, Brooklyn

Dixie BBQ is a family-friendly Brooklyn joint that provides comfort food with a modern twist. Offering fast food that holds the highest standards in kosher food quality, and cleanliness, Dixie BBQ is certified kosher under Kehila, and is a refreshing addition to the kosher community, priding itself on bringing delicious kosher goodness to families without breaking the bank.

Barbacoa Burger House

142 Spruce St, Cedarhurst

A burger joint that offers a range of creative apps, burgers, and meat pizzas that aims to satisfy all types of eaters. On the restaurant’s innovative menu are dishes like the Jungle Burger (pulled beef, fresh red onions, arugula, chopped pickles, house dressing), the Barbacoa Three Meats Pizza (short rib, bbq brisket, pastrami, mushrooms, aioli), and the Paradise Salad (spinach, carrots, red onions, dried cranberries, roasted portobello with apple cider vinaigrette.

2928 Ave P, Marine Park

Recently opening its 4th Brooklyn location in the Marine Park neighborhood, a casual counter service restaurant offering an array of burgers, wraps, and sides.

Healthy and Trendy

Vegan Grill

1726 2nd Ave New York

The newest vegan spot to open in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, all of the food is 100% vegan including plant-based chick’n dishes, falafel, kosher samosas, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and a variety of other meatless dishes.

235 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn

An all-Asian vegan gem, with locations in Little Italy, Crown Heights, Cobble Hill, and Fort Green, Luanne’s serves a variety of vegan bowls including Steamed Macro, Kale Avocado Shiitake, BBQ Tempeh & Seaweed Quinoa, and Kimchee Pumpkin Gumbo, plus a huge menu filled with familiar Asian dishes minus the meat.

167 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Authentic NYC coffee shop serving third-wave coffee, fresh baked pastries, and a new menu of fresh foods. Menu highlights include lavender lemonade, mini matcha cake, harissa toast, and Caprese salad, plus a selection of smoothies ranging from spiced pear to blueberry.

Jewish-Latin Fusion

Carbon Charcoal Grill & Bar

262 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn

Mixing traditional kosher favorites with eclectic cuisine from around the globe, Carbon Charcoal Grill and Bar features a full menu filled with Jewish-Latin fusion fare including the Argentinian Cowboy Sandwich, empanadas, wings, and kebabs.


China Glatt

4413 13th Ave, Brooklyn

White-tablecloth venue for classic & modern kosher Chinese fare, plus sushi & American options.

Mr. Nosh

3323 Avenue N, Brooklyn

Modestly appointed eatery serving fresh and delicious kosher Chinese appetizers, soups, and meat & vegetable dishes.

Glatt Coney

1558 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn

Kosher Asian restaurant located in Brooklyn's Midwood neighborhood, with a menu of Chinese & Japanese comfort classics, including lo mein and sushi.

By Eileen Strauss


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