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Sauce and Como Partner Up to Elevate Online Delivery Loyalty

MIAMI, Florida, April 5th - Sauce, the leading delivery network and operating system, revolutionizing online delivery for successful local restaurants and chains, today announced a partnership with Como, a renowned global leader in loyalty, customer engagement, and marketing for the food and beverage industry. The partnership will empower their mutual customers to elevate the guest experience, boost customer retention and ultimately drive and grow repeat sales.

This integration combines the Como platform’s far-reaching view of customer interactions across multiple touch points with Sauce’s ground-breaking ordering and delivery network. Working in tandem with supported POS, Sauce will be able to integrate loyalty into the online delivery process for mutual clients further creating a seamless, cross-platform loyalty experience for their customers.

“We’re excited to work with Como and their world-class solution. said Sauce VP of Marketing, Elliot Hool. We can’t wait to provide our restaurant partners with a fully integrated loyalty program that interacts with their customers across multiple points and keeps them engaged”

Sauce is a delivery network and operating system for restaurants with features that include:

●  Commission-free ordering channels

●  Access to an unlimited supply of delivery drivers

●  Live mobile order tracking

●  24/7 personal delivery support

●  Refund reconciliation management

“Como looks forward to partnering closely with Sauce to bring our mutual customers enhanced opportunities to interact with their customers during the digital ordering process, bring them back more often, and spend more each visit,” said Giovanni Rivera, Director of Sales for Como.

About COMO

Como is a data-driven revenue generation CRM powering loyalty, customer engagement, and marketing activities for restaurants and retail businesses worldwide. Como is a global leader in customer engagement for businesses, from SMB to enterprise, offering state-of-the-art capabilities such as AI-powered marketing campaigns, auto-segmentation of customers, and omni-channel communication. Visit for more information or contact to speak with a member of our team.

About Sauce

Sauce ( is a Delivery Network and Operating System (OS) for successful local restaurants. Sauce uses innovative algorithms to optimize the restaurant delivery ordering process from end-to-end, reducing costs, optimizing logistics and ultimately providing diners and restaurants with a superior and more economical service. 

Founded in 2019, Sauce manages delivery for local restaurants in over 4,000 US cities, with offices in Miami, New York and Tel Aviv.


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