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Spotlight on Kokai Sushi & Lounge, South Florida's Hidden Gem

Celebrating their 9th year in business on August 16, 2024, Kokai Sushi & Lounge has been a fixture in the Doral community since 2015, but their roots harken back decades when the first location opened in Venezuela.

A fusion of Asian and Latin cuisine, this cozy sushi lounge has had a massive presence when it comes to taste, quality, freshness, and tradition ever since co-owner Andreina Vethencourt's dream of opening the first US Kokai location came true, bringing the flavor and flair of South America to a Venezuelan-American community. 

“Our goal was to take the flavors of Venezuela, combine them with our love for sushi, and develop a wide-ranging menu filled with delicious Asian fare,” Andreina offered. And with a 50 seat capacity, Kokai is a hidden gem in the Doral community, where locals and tourists alike come to commune, relax, and experience unique Asian-Latin cuisine.

Freshness Over Fancy

“Though we might not be the trendiest or fanciest restaurant in a town," in a city filled with “seen and be seen” eateries, customers keep coming back for the portion sizes, unique recipes, and fresh-from-the-sea deliciousness.  

“We’re all about providing our customers with generous portions at affordable prices,” continued Andreina , “with tradition, freshness, and quality being our top priority. Guests come in as a customer and leave as a friend.”

The Vethencourt's are an entrepreneurial family that’s passionate about food and family, known for their ability to innovate in the restaurant  business. 

"Our dad’s recipes have had a big influence  on our menu,” Andreina added. Since they opened their first Kokai location in 1998 in Valencia, Venezuela, they’ve been dedicated to creating a truly unforgettable  experience for their customers. Revolutionizing Venezuelan gastronomy by providing customers with a unique experience, Kokai fuses traditional sushi with the bold flavors of Latin cuisine.

The Story of the Vethencourt Family Restaurant Group 

  • 1998. The first Kokai location opened in Valencia-Edo, Carabobo, Venezuela, introducing a cutting-edge culinary concept of Latin-Asian fusion.

  • 2002. Driven by the success of the first restaurant, a second location, and the first sushi restaurant in Maracay- Edo, Aragua, opened.

  • 2006. The Maracaibo- Edo, Zulia location was the most emblematic of all with a beautiful color scheme, soothing lighting and sounds, and an attentive staff.

  • 2009.  An architectural masterpiece with a contemporary look, Kokai evolved into a fine dining establishment, adding a Zen garden, sushi lounge, and teppanyaki.

  • 2010. Inspired by the beauty of the island of Margarita, Kokoro opened in 2010, offering an inspiring menu based on the family's core recipes.

  • 2016. Adriana and Andreina Vethencourt opened the first US Kokai location in the city of Doral, Florida.

  • Today. Three more Kokai locations have been added to the Vethencourt restaurant group, with sites in Weston, Florida, Katy, Texas, (Houston area), and Maracaibo, Venezuela

Over 25 years later, the Vethencourt family continues to take pride in offering the finest sushi in town. Unlike the 35 other sushi restaurants in the area, where tourists flock to take selfies amongst Instagram-worthy decor,  Kokai is all about holding onto tradition and the recipes that have helped the family’s fusion restaurant brand thrive for over two decades.  

Miami Chef Roll

Steeped in Tradition

Kokai is a hidden gem in Doral, offering an array of tasty sushi dishes based on the same core menu that started it all back in 1998, with many of the restaurant’s recipes steeped in Venezuelan family tradition.

Growing up in the food business, Andreina credits many of her recipes and passion for the food business to her father whose Latin-inspired recipes are part of what makes Kokai’s menu unique. 

Many of the Kokai creations date back to the late 19th century, combining thinly sliced fresh sashimi with bold Latin flavors. A combination of tropical fruits and uniquely Venezuelan ingredients, customers rave for Kokai’s menu, the epitome of Latin-Asian fusion.

Salmon and Tuna Delight Roll

Top Sellers

House Salad

Wakame, carrots and salmon topped with crunchy crab stick in our special house sauce.

Salmon and Tuna Delight Roll

Salmon, tuna, avocado, cream cheese, crunchy crab, topped with seared salmon in a spicy yellow pepper sauce.

Tsunami Roll 

Shrimp tempura, scallions and cream cheese topped with wakame, shrimp tempura, crunchy crab stick in honey mustard sauce.

Magic Sake

Thin slices of salmon with green apple in special house sauce.

Miami Chef Roll (pictured above)

Shrimp tempura, chopped crab stick, scallions, and masago topped with crab stick salad and a touch of eel sauce.

Delivering Great Food, Large Portions, Affordably Priced

Whereas other Doral sushi restaurants pride themselves for their fancy decor and selfie-worthy interiors, Kokai remains true to its core, delivering the high quality, locally sourced seafood, freshly caught every day. 

Powered by Sauce, customers can order directly through their website or social media pages and enjoy the same deliciousness that’s made Kokai a success for the last 8 years in the comfort of their own home.


9036 NW 25th St

(786) 509-9988  Weston

2406 Weston Road

(954) 769-1312

Katy (Houston)

2404 Texmati Dr

(346) 387-9876

By Eileen Strauss


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