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Tuning into 2024's Top 10 Restaurant Strategy Podcasts

As a restaurant owner or manager, you probably never have a moment to sit down and take a breath, let alone find the time to read up on the latest news in articles, blogs, and reports about the industry. 

That’s where podcasts come in!

Listening to podcasts is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on industry trends and news, and find the tools and resources you need to help you run a successful restaurant.

The greatest thing about podcasts is that you can listen anywhere and at any time. With thousands of relevant episodes accessible and available 24/7, you can pop in your headphones or earbuds and listen to a podcast while performing daily chores around the dining room, cleaning the kitchen, prepping ingredients, sorting paperwork, or simply taking a walk (because we all deserve a little downtime!)

Podcasts are not only  conversational, engaging, and entertaining, they can also be quite informative and educational.  

Busy restaurant multitaskers are increasingly turning to podcasts to soak up new knowledge, learn about the latest technology, and find out what's exciting in the industry.

The world of restaurant podcasts  is massive, with informative information waiting to be shared from every corner of the industry. 

By learning from other restaurant owners with a vast collection of podcasts, (too many to count) we’ve done the footwork for you. 

Top Ten Restaurant Podcasts 

#1. Restaurant Unstoppable 

Restaurant Unstoppable, hosted by Eric Cacciatore, features information and advice from proven restaurant industry professionals,

featuring a variety of popular topics, from smart technology to menu optimization, and everything in between.

 Since 2014, Eric has interviewed more than 800 successful restaurateurs and industry experts who have  shared their  stories, values, knowledge and mentorship to empower other restaurant operators to succeed. 

One of our favorite podcast episodes is How to Attract New Customers and Turn Them into Raving Fans, but there are thousands of other pros that are eager to share their experiences to help you build a successful brand of our own!  

Tune into Restaurant Unstoppable here:

The restaurant business is constantly changing, and takeout, delivery, and catering have been undergoing a complete makeover! This podcast is for restaurants who want to think outside the box and  reinvent their business with innovative ideas that break the status quo. In this podcast, they break down the massive opportunities  now available to restaurant operators with an open mind.

Industry experts will deliver unique tips on leadership and interviews with industry leaders to  help you grow your business in 2024

Tune in on:

The Restaurant Growth Podcast by 7shifts brings together restaurant leaders from every segment of our industry. In short and sweet, 15- to 20-minute episodes, listeners come away with practical tips, new insight, and tactics to help their restaurant grow.  

Tune in to The 7shifts Restaurant Growth Podcast here. 

 The Restaurant Strategy podcast is dedicated to helping chefs, owners, and operators gain insight into ways to build your restaurant. Monday episodes feature an industry guest interview, while Thursdays are a monologue-style format. We suggest you start by listening to this episode about  digital ordering and payment.

Tune in on:

#5 The Garnish by Toast

The Garnish by Toast brings stories and advice from restaurateurs, managers, chefs, servers, cooks, and everyone else who powers the restaurant industry. Episodes feature a variety of topics such as restaurant funding, emotional intelligence in restaurants, staff retention and restaurant workplace culture.

Tune in to episodes on:

#6 Food Fighters  

Listen to Zach Goldstein, the CEO of Thanx by day and restaurant industry student by night, as he interviews restaurant  industry trailblazers about their exciting ideas, personal challenges, and hard-fought learnings. 

We loved this episode that features Greg Creed, the former CEO at Yum! Brands and Taco Bell.

Tune in to Food Fighters Podcast on:

#7 Restaurant & Retail Revelations

Restaurant & Retail Revel(ations) by Revel Systems brings you a wealth of restaurant and retail business insights and best practices from experienced leaders in the food and beverage industries.

You can tune in to Restaurant & Retail Revel(ations) on: 

#8 Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

Restaurant Rockstars is a consulting business, providing tools and resources for restaurant owners eager to maximize profits. Company owner and podcast host Roger Beaudoin discusses a variety of topics ranging from branding and marketing to payroll and finances.

You can listen to  Restaurant Rockstars on:

#9 The Restaurant Coach

The Restaurant Coach cuts to the core of the restaurant business by getting expert tools, techniques, interviews and straight talk from host Donald Burns, the restaurant coach. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we suggest you listen to this episode about staff hiring.

Listen to The Restaurant Coach on:

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By Eileen Strauss


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