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October Food Holiday Calendar

The scent of pumpkin spice is everywhere, a clear sign that America’s favorite time of year is about to get into full swing! On the cusp of the holiday season, the last day of September is the perfect time to get excited about the many promotional opportunities October has to offer.

More than just a chill in the air and colorful foliage, October offers a tasty selection of food-focused holidays to kick off the most wonderful time of the year.

From Gumbo Day on 10/12 to Taco Day on 10/4, and Pasta day on 10/17 to Perogie Day

on 10/8, October is packed with savory food holidays to promote your restaurant‘s fall-focused menu. As Halloween gets closer, celebrate sweets on Dessert Day, 10/14, Angel Food Cake Day on 10/16, Pumpkin Cheesecake Day on 10/16, and Chocolate Cupcake Day on 10/19.

As the days grow shorter, the list of food holidays grows longer and longer with the approach of the holiday season.

From tricks and treats to Halloween sweets, there is something incredibly spicy about October, and we’ve put together a list of festive October food holidays to spark the spirit of the season.

October Food Holidays

October 1

International Coffee Day

World Vegetarian Day

October 4

National Taco Day

October 6

National Noodle Day

Garlic Lovers Day

October 7

National Frappé Day

October 8

National Fluffernutter Day

National Pierogi Day

October 9

International Beer & Pizza Day

October 10

National Angel Food Cake Day

National Cake Decorating Day

October 11

Southern Food Heritage Day

October 12

National Gumbo Day

October 14

National Dessert Day

National Chocolate Covered Insect Day

October 15

National Mushroom Day

October 16

World Food Day

October 17

National Pasta Day

October 18

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

October 19

National Seafood Bisque Day

October 21

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day

Apple Day

October 25

National Greasy Food Day

October 26

National Pumpkin Day

October 27

American Beer Day

October 28

National Chocolate Day

October 30

National Candy Corn Day

Pumpkin Bread Day

October 31

National Caramel Apple Day


By Eileen Honey Strauss


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